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Pageland, SC 29728
phone: 843-672-3534
Books & Patterns
Cane & Seagrass
Dyed Reed, Dyes & Stain
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Miscellaneous Items
Wire Handles
Wood Strips
Round, Half-Round, Double Slot
Oval & Oblong
Square & Rectangle
Corner, Triangle & Hexagon
Bases with Dividers, Tissue Tops
Basket Books
Chair Caning Books
Seagrass & Braided Seagrass
Chair Cane & Binder Cane
Shaker Tape
Solid Color Dyed Reed
Space-Dyed Reed
Weaver's Spray Stain
Round Hoops & Oriole Frames
Oval & Oblong Hoops
Flat Top D, Sharp Top D
Williamsburg D, Tulip D
Towel Bar Ds, Hearth Frames
Handle Fillers, Door Knob
Bushel Handles
Round Notched Handles
Square Notched Handles
Swing D, Flat Top Swing D
Square & Rectangle Hoops
Round Swing Notched Handles
Square Swing Notched Handles
Leather Handles
Basket Feet, Stool Frames
Wood Tie-Ons
Flat & Flat-Oval Reed
Round & Half-Round Reed
Smoked Reed
Weave-Rite Tools
Bean Pots, Jelly Jars
Wire Hangers
Ash & Maple
Cherry & Walnut
Basket Patterns & Kits
Natural and Smoked Reed
Dyes & Dyed Reed, Chair Cane, Binder Cane, Seagrass, Braided Seagrass, Shaker Tape, Weave-Rite Stain
Wood Strips (Ash, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut), Stool Frames, Handle Fillers, Basket Feet, Round Hoops, Oval Hoops, Square Hoops, Rectangle Hoops, Oriole Frames
D-handles, Flat-Top Ds, Sharp Top Ds, Williamsburg Ds, Tulip Ds, Towel Bar Ds. Swing D's (Round and Flat-Top)
Bushel Handles, Square & Round Notched Handles, Square and Round Swing Notched Handles
Wood Bases (Round, Oval, Oblong, Square, Rectangle, and others), Plain & Braided Leather Handles
Tools & Wire Handles
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