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This Months Sale
3/8" Flat Reed $ 9.85
5/8" Flat Oval Reed $ 9.85
runs through July 31
#1 Seagrass, 1 lb. coil $ 3.20
6" x 6" Square Oak Base $ 4.20
Special Reed Sale
3/16" flat oval $ 7.50
It's hairy and the flat side is a bit splintery. I wouldn't use it in a ribbed basket, but it'll weave the sides of your typical round and square baskets just fine. You must tell me you want the special reed sale or I will assume you want our normal superior quality. There are a limited number of coils available. The pictures below are of a typical coil.
Wire Shapes for Wall Baskets
Cow $1.80
Apple $1.80
Small Heart $ 1.30